Offline Explorer Pro

Version 7.4.4594 Service Release 3 - released on June 14th, 2017

$ 149.95
Just wanted to say what a great product this is, especially when I compare it to my previous and unlamented off-line browser!

George Brooke

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Download Web sites to hard disk for offline browsing!

Offline Explorer Pro - is an offline browser / web sites downloader. It allows you to download whole sites, online image galleries, forums and media streams from the widest variety of supported Web sites. The best ever support for the modern Internet technologies, Flash, scripts and active contents. Combine this with the flexible filtering, instant download queue monitoring and detailed log to get the universal download tool that serves all your Web spidering and datamining requests.

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Development history:

Version 7.4.4594 Service Release 3
  • Improved YouTube video recognition
  • Improved redirect links processing for site
  • Improved URL Filters when downloading site
  • Improved Content-Disposition filenames processing
  • Added better AJAX support on some sites
  • Improved Files Export when renaming with standard extensions
  • Improved reading FireFox bookmarks
  • Improved google adwords removal
  • Added better support for alternative image links
  • Added Additional=ReparseExistingFiles URLs field command
  • Bug Fix: Fixed video support in some browsers
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some redirections on HTTPS protocol
  • Bug Fix: Fixed tabs support in the Internal Editor